The Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC - pronounced ‘juicy’) popped up at SXSW! We partnered up with WeDC to host an afternoon of Coworking panels and a juicy unconference.

The WeDC House // 340 E 2nd St, Austin TX
March 15th, 2015 • Noon to 5pm

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It's invitation only and space may be limited!

  • 11:30 - 12:00Registration and Networking

  • NoonWelcome to GCUC

    Liz Elam, Executive Producer GCUC

  • 12:10Translating the Mysterious World of Coworking

    What the heck is accelerated serendipity? What is this community people keep talking about? And if it works in coworking, can it work in corporate? Does it already? A discussion on the secret sauce of community and how when combined with great workspace design the result can be some amazing collaborations and overall increased productivity. When was the last time you could say that about your cube farm?

    Moderator: Liz Elam // Panelists: Martin Ringlein, James Foster, Jeff Joerling

  • 1:00Break

  • 1:15The Future of Coworking and Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Development

    The sudden boom in coworking has begun what may turn into niche bubble within the CRE industry. The business models for coworking vs. shared space or private offices are quite different and so can be the profit margins. As this industry develops, stakeholders on all sides of the table are going to have to embrace non traditional deals that vary from your market sq. ft. rate. And with non traditional deals come new roles. How do owners, brokers and spaces all work together? Find out.

    Moderator: Mike LaRosa // Panelists: Chad Shuskey, Geoff Orazem, Mike Burke, Ezra Weinblatt

  • 2:00Break

  • 2:15Coworking Unconference Formation

    An Unconference is a day that follows a crowd sourced agenda. Everyone that is present is welcomed and encouraged to participate. If you’ve never experienced an Unconference this is an excellent opportunity to learn a new way to share ideas and learn from your peers. Join us!

  • 3:00First Unconference Session

  • 3:45Break

  • 4:00Second Unconference Session

  • 4:45Unconference Wrap-up

  • 5:00GCUC POP! ends with a kapow!

Panelists & Moderators

  • Ezra Weinblatt

    Senior Vice President, The EZRA Company

    Ezra Weinblatt is a leader, organizer and adviser to the tech community and represent companies in their search and negotiations for office space.

  • Chad Shuskey

    Vice President of Research & Visual Communications, Washington, DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP)

    Mr. Shuskey is instrumental in positioning the organization as an information clearinghouse and a leader in research on real estate development and construction activity in Washington, DC. His primary responsibilities include implementation and strategy for information technology; management of the WDCEP’s website and Geographical Information Systems; collection of development information and economic indicators for the District of Columbia; and demographic, development, and site location analysis for business attraction and retention efforts.

  • Mike Larosa

    Wayfarer Adivisory Group, Founder and Managing Partner

    From his first job as a junior in high school selling digital cameras at Best Buy to his days slinging decaf, triple venti, 3 pump, skim, extra hot, light whip mochas as a store manager at Starbucks to now working with Wayfarer Advisory Group’s most recent clients, Mike constantly seeks out ways to improve and develop businesses through driving sales, offering marketing, business development and management consulting services, and always offering clients of varying shapes and sizes the “complete solution”. A wannabe nomad himself, Mike enjoys traveling the world; discovering new cultures and tasting local cuisines when often on the road for clients. When in Washington, DC (home base) he can be found out and about on the networking event circuit, in the Member’s Lounge at the National Press Club or one of his favorite watering holes in Logan Circle, coordinating dinners and happy hours, allowing him to introduce soon-to-be new friends, clients, vendors, etc to each other.

  • Liz Elam

    Executive Producer GCUC, Founder of Link Coworking

    Liz Elam has built her career on the tenet that working one’s way up from the bottom instills tenacity, creates resilience and develops excellence. That belief, blended with an innovative spirit and a competitive yet collaborative drive, has propelled her to the forefront of the coworking movement—itself the embodiment of smart collaboration. After taking a job answering phones at Dell just after college and quickly being promoted into sales, Liz spent 14 years managing multimillion dollar accounts and then funneled her irritation with the woes of telecommuting into entrepreneurship by founding Link Coworking in Austin, Texas.

  • Martin Ringlein

    Co-Founder, Canvas Co/work

    Martin Ringlein is CEO of nvite, a seed-stage technology startup based in Washington, DC. Most recently, Martin was a Presidential Innovation Fellow at The White House working directly within the Executive Office of the President. Martin’s first company, nclud, a research and design consultancy, was acquired by Twitter where he went on to become their first Design Manager, helping run the design and research team.

  • James Foster

    Architect, CTA Architects Engineers

    CTA is a highly entrepreneurial company with a passion to explore. Our expertise is in architectural, interior and engineering design that pioneers environments that enable our clients’ business to thrive and grow. We understand business and how to support our clients to realize their potential.

  • Jeff Joerling

    Analog Collaboration Advocate, Turnstone

    Jeff is an Analog Collaboration Advocate for Turnstone, a Steelcase brand, works remotely from Denver, Colorado. A USGBC LEED-accredited professional, he has earned an NBIA Incubator Manager Certificate and is proud to be a founding member of LExC and a GCUC regular. Jeff is passionate about coworking spaces, incubators, accelerators, startups, and has worked all over North America helping create collaborative, energetic communities that foster creativity and rapid growth.

  • Geoff Orazem

    CEO, Eastern Foundry

    Geoff Orazem is the founder and CEO of the Eastern Foundry, an incubator for small government contractors. The inspiration for Eastern Foundry came from Geoff’s frustration breaking into the government contracting space. Eastern Foundry leverages their, and their partners’, experience to help small businesses navigate the complex world of government contracting. By providing services at a reasonable price, creating a critical mass of companies in one place to attract the attention of the prime contractors and agencies, and immersing new companies in their community of formal and informal peer mentors, Eastern Foundry is able to accelerate your success.

  • Mike Burke

    CRE & Business Attraction, Arlington Economic Development

    Michael Burke Jr. is a Business Development Manager for AED’s Business Investment Group. Michael is responsible for recruitment and retention of businesses. He specializes in negotiations, commercial real estate services and strategic planning for high growth companies.

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